The Benefits of Using AdBlocker

The Benefits of Using AdBlocker

If you are a frequent surfer, then you are familiar with online ads and you probably have an idea of how annoying they can be. The recent past has seen Adblockers rising in popularity as more and more internet users are installing them both as programs and browser extensions. An Adblocker works by preventing unwanted adverts from popping up on your screen whenever you are surfing your favorite website. Unwanted ad pop-ups are known to slow down your browser performance and make the overall browsing experience incredibly unbearable. For this reason, you should consider getting yourself one. This article highlights some of the benefits that you will get from an Adblocker.

AdBlockers Enhance Browsing Safety

It is a known fact that attackers are using advertising space on websites to perpetrate various kinds of cybercrime. Therefore, using a browser without an Adblocker would potentially expose you to a high risk of an attack. An Adblocker will prevent all the suspicious ads from popping up on your screen thus enhancing your safety. However, you should know that Ad blo blockers do not block all the ads per se. There are those that are “whitelisted” and can show on your browser screen even with the Adblocker activated.


AdBlockers Increase your Browsing speed

The presence of numerous ads on your browser has the effect of slowing down its performance. You can avoid this by having an Adblocker extension installed on your browser. What the Adblocker does is it stops the analytics code from running thereby freeing the browser’s resources to focus on loading the actual content that you are interested in accessing online. That is not all, with an Adblocker installed, consumers are directed to only the safe, trustworthy and legitimate ads. This is because the Adblocker declutters your browser by getting rid of all the illegitimate ads.


AdBlockers Encourage Advertisers To Consider Alternative Internet Marketing Approaches

As the popularity of Adblockers continues to increase, advertisers are forced to turn to alternative methods of advertising online. It is also worth noting that Adblockers give service providers an opportunity to generate revenue by charging for ad-free websites/apps. Consumers that want to surf a particular website without bumping into ad popups pay a small amount to the website providers. It goes without saying that ad-free websites are less data-intensive because they only focus on loading the web pages requested by the user. Adblockers are good at stopping advertisers from tracking your browsing. However, this is not entirely true because there are certain Adblockers that have been accused of selling the users’ browsing data to third parties.



In summation, the benefits of Adblockers are so indispensable that you cannot afford to ignore. Not only will you be protected from malicious ads but you also get to enjoy fast browsing coupled with an incredibly economical and efficient experience. Install an Adblocker and surf the internet without the nuisance of pop-ups.