We Are The Best Data Center Service Provider Available

Are you in need of a very reliable data center service provider? You cannot afford to tamper with the data safety of your company. Do you want easy retrieval of data and backup support for your organization? If your answer is yes, then Aekpani Networks provides you with data center and colocation services for Cloud & Hosting providers with powerful solutions and up to 24/7 backup support.

When you look around, it seems that there are many data center providers willing to offer solutions to the numerous problems you encounter daily with managing your information. But it has been proven that the data center solutions offered are not tailored for your needs. At Aekpani networks, we are a data center service provider that understand your needs and offer long lasting solutions to them. No wonder we are the best data service provider available in today’s business world.

What We Offer

As the best data center hosting provider, we offer our customers the ability to store information themselves through our dedicated hosting service. We see to it that our customers have total control of the server. If our customer wishes, we can manage the servers for them and also render them our engineering services through our managed hosting solution.

What You Stand To Gain

Our data center networking facilities are top notch and built with state-of-the-art designs. If you work with us, we assure you of the following:


  1. Secure And Safely Stored Data

Our data center is adequately protected due to our best-in-quality data center networking facilities. Movement into our center is highly restricted only to authorized personnel. Video recordings of activities going on in our center are timely reviewed to access any breach in security, which is highly impossible. We also make sure that our data center is safeguarded from fire attack and flooding and other events that can warrant data loss.


  1. Advanced System

Other data center colocation providers can’t match the kind of equipment in our custody. While many colocation providers only have the capacity to offer solutions and services to a limited set of customers, we offer services to everyone ranging from big businesses to small companies.


  1. Save Cost

Having a date with us offers you the opportunity to reduce cost of your IT operations and maximize your business profits. In fact, our colocation offers you the flexibility to upscale your technology and requirement as your business grows.

We expect you to book a date with us today and you won’t be disappointed.

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