SEO Now Harder ? What Has Changed Over The Past Few Years ?

SEO Now Harder ? What Has Changed Over The Past Few Years ?

SEO, Not The Same As It Used To Be

Search engine optimization was one way to get your customers to your website in the past. At first, it was plain and simple and this allowed for many different ways that companies could take advantage of the drawbacks of the search engine. That, however, is not the case today as Google for example as a search engine has gone through several different changes to ensure that there is a proper system which brings useful content to the audience. Several new techniques have been introduced as well there have been changes implemented in the existing system to ensure quality and relevancy is never at risk. Overall every single search engine company is working constantly to improve upon their systems and to provide the user with a more fluid experience. It is safe to say, finding loopholes in search engines is a thing of the past and more constructive methods have to be used to get better results.


Some of The Changes

With the Panda update in 2011, the Google’s search engine has been better optimized to identify content that could be labeled as ‘spam’. Such content relies on the use of repetitive keywords and techniques that would rather take advantage of the system than to adhere to its rules. With the update, the search engine’s main priority was content which helped provide a better experience for the user while making sure quantity never outweighs quality as far as content is considered. Another area where Google has improved is in the subject of link building. Link building used to be a straightforward task for spammers in the past where they would build irrelevant chains of links either manually or through paid outlets. Now the process has become more organic as the search engine is able to identify whether link building is actually based on relative information or used as a ploy to get more traffic. This implementation was included in the 2012 Penguin update and it helped further refine the search engines reliability and so change the way how content creators shaped their systems.


SEO Is More Complex Than Ever

All of this information may seem daunting at first as you realize that the subject of SEO is not as straightforward as it once used to be. Rest assured though that there are steps to follow for those looking to invest proper time, using the appropriate methods. This means that the content creators who focus on producing quality material will more likely succeed in the world of SEO. Likewise having knowledge of the new features of the search engine such as Knowledge Graphs can come off as a huge advantage and will aid in getting more traffic to your website. All in on though there have been many changes in the past few years, quality content is the center around which the search engine revolves now and now would be a time to consider using more practical methods to achieve results.