Major Advantages of Data Center Colocation

Major Advantages of Data Center Colocation

There is no arguing the fact that the IT needs of a company are ever-changing. Therefore, the resolution to consolidate, expand or move the data center of your company is a crucial part of the IT infrastructure strategy. Developing this strategy requires adequate assessment of attended soft and hard costs. You also have to consider the benefits that come with colocation from data centre providers versus owning your data centre. Lots of organizations have discovered that offsite colocation with reliable data center colocation providers provide better option to having their own data center solutions.


There are some major advantages that come with opting for colocation services from a data center service provider as opposed to having and maintaining an in-house data center. These benefits are enumerated below.



Top Advantages of Data Center Colocation


  • Cost Benefits on IT Infrastructure and Maintenance

One of the major benefits of colocation is cost saving. Many companies that have opted for colocation testify to the cost reduction of the overall IT management in their organization. Colocation offers the advantage of more cost effective solutions. With colocation, you do not have to bother with the growing capital costs of developing and managing your own data system. Instead of investing in backup power system, HVAC units, and UPS, with the accompanying expenses, colocation allows you leverage an ideal data center networking that is adaptable to your ever-changing needs.


  • Improved Power Capacity and Redundancy

Owned data center can be plagued with power capacity challenges especially when there is a need for upgrade. Colocation services offer a more robust power-per-square ratio option than many personal centers. This allows organizations to leverage innovations in high density computing and virtualization. Private centers also require adequate backup in case of power outage. This however, is not the case with colocation as the data center hosting provider ensures uninterrupted power supply to your organization’s equipment.


  • Uptime Period and Reliability

Maintaining 100% network availability can be costly and difficult with private data center solutions. However, when an organization uses data center colocation providers, there are different high quality data center networking options that are available to them. With this, organizations have the opportunity to choose the perfect and reliable solutions that meet their needs.


  • Affordable and Robust Bandwidth

The increase in bandwidth requirements for more complex applications, and cloud computing has necessitated a search for better ways to manage data. Colocation has becomes a more cost effective option for obvious reasons. Collocation offers the opportunity to maintain data center service provider and enjoy the benefits of volume pricing without needing to manage multiple service agreements or contracts.


  • Data Security and Protection

Colocation services are strongly opposed to unauthorized access, forced entry, and disaster. When you use data center hosting provider, there are multiple levels of security such as all-round-the-clock onsite security, card key entry, camera surveillance, biometrics, and cabinet locks. You can be rest assured that your data is safe and well protected.


Deciding whether colocation solutions is right for your organization requires that you consider all pros and cons that comes with it. Making the right decision will definitely impact on your bottom-line