Aekpani Networks makes your time management and time tracking easy!


Aekpani Networks is glad to introduce the Cloud attendance tracking solution “Jibble” an award-winning Time & Attendance Tracking For Teams Cloud based tracking in all your apps, including Slack and Mobile


Cloud Attendance Tracking

Facial Recognition

To verify selfie clock-ins and eliminate buddy-punching for good

Digital  Punchclocks

Via on-site tablet, with offline mode and additional passcode security

GPS Tracking

Adds location tags to attendance logs when clocking in/out with mobile devices

Real-Time Online Reports

Automated Timesheets

For payroll convenience with breaks and overtime calculation all done for you

Productivity Insights

Shown in reports on time spent per activity or client by teams or individuals

Push Notifications & Alerts

To keep you up-to-date on when and where your staff is working

Clock time against specific projects or activities.

Track your team’s time spent between your clients

Set permissions and roles for your team members

Advanced options such as passcodes and offline mode

Define how users can Jibble in/out and decide who sees what data

Track your staff’s location when they clock in/out with their phone

Verify your employees’ attendance with Facial Recognition

Define when your staff work and when overtime and breaks are counted

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