Advantages Of A Dedicated Hosting Service

Advantages Of A Dedicated Hosting Service

Having a good server hosting is the standard for any business with an online presence. This is why many business owners take their time to source the best hosting provider for their business needs. When it comes to choosing a hosting, there are some important factors that must be considered. You need to choose a hosting service that can meet your performance expectation and security requirements. In most cases, people opt for shared hosting for many reasons. However, if you are looking for security, reliability, and uptime, it might be a good idea to consider a dedicated hosting service.


So, what are the advantages of using a dedicated hosting service for your online business?



With a dedicated hosting service, you do not have to share server resources with other websites. This means you have total control over the distribution of resources through the server. You also do not have to be bothered about the activity of others on the server. You have the bandwidth to yourself so nobody can limit your usage or slow down your server. With a dedicated hosting service, you have the total right to determine which applications, programs, or scripts run on your server. This ultimately translates into a more secured platform for your business.


Performance and Reliability

If your website draws a lot of traffic, using a dedicated hosting service will definitely increase the performance. In addition to this, the reliability provided by a dedicated hosting service stems from the fact that the hosting resources are not shared with any other websites. Since you have unlimited access to the server, downtimes are less likely to occur. Choosing a dedicated hosting service makes online transaction easy for you and you do not even have to do anything. The hosting provider will manage all the backend transactions for you.


Increased Security

A dedicated hosting service affords better security. In fact, better security is one of the biggest advantages of choosing a dedicated hosting. For one, the risk that comes with sharing a server has been removed. Secondly, the problem of being placed on a bad server has also been eliminated. For organizations that handle sensitive information, a dedicated hosting service is the best option of hosting they should consider. For instance, shared hosting services are not Payment compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). And this is an important requirement for online businesses that accept payment online.


Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated hosting service comes with a dedicated IP address. This implies that you would not have to share the same IP with any other user. Others actions or inactions will not affect the reputation of your business. You also would not have to worry about your IP address being blacklisted due to the issues caused by others. If you are running an e-commerce business that accepts and process credit card payment, you will absolutely need a dedicated IP address.



For businesses that plan to make revenue via their online platform, it is imperative to consider a dedicated hosting service. This is because only a dedicated hosting can offer the complete control needed to manage an online store.