How Much Is Cart Abandonment Costing You?

How Much Is Cart Abandonment Costing You?

If you have an e-commerce website, have you ever tried to guess how much cart abandonment costs you each year?

I bet you didn’t now that it was as much as 68%.
Yes, 68% of shoppers will not complete the transaction and leave your site half way through.

There are many ways you can reduce this such as re-marketing through email addresses collected, discount coupons, free shipping offers etc etc.

Neil Patel of QuickSprout has created this infographic that shows you what needs to be done.


Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Just imagine that only in 2014 there will be roughly $1.5 trillion worth of e-commerce transactions. AND now compare it to the $3.17 trillion lost because of cart abandonment.
Therefore use these techniques to reduce the rate of cart abandonment on your website.
Advantages of Hiring a Quality IT Support Company

Advantages of Hiring a Quality IT Support Company

Because of an extensive variety of innovative advances in today’s business world, most organizations can’t get by without a quality IT help administration supplier. Actually, utilizing the best IT backing is frequently a staple in a large portion of the top effective little and expansive organizations in the world. From building custom databases to keeping up off the rack programming bundles, numerous organizations require a group of IT help experts to support with their organization’s undertaking frameworks. A percentage of the top profits to utilizing the best in the business incorporate building custom undertaking frameworks, using quality IT discussion administrations, fitting support of existing frameworks and introducing the most imaginative fittings and programming.

Building Custom Enterprise Systems

While business practices changes on a consistent premise, the frameworks that encourage the new methodologies should likewise change to suit the new requirements and rules. At times, a substantial organization or company may need to outline, construct and actualize another custom undertaking frameworks to immolate the progressions required. For example, if the human assets division of an organization needs to consent to new business enactment, they may require another custom programming framework to actualize the progressions throughout the company. The sort of frameworks can shift significantly focused around the obliged changes (i.e. laws that oblige liquor and medication testing for all workers).

Quality IT Consultation Services

An alternate territory that can’t be disregarded by the administrators in any organization is distributing a financial plan for Information Technology meeting costs. Despite the fact that the expense of these conference costs can include rapidly, the organization needs great quality IT Support counsel administration suppliers to spare cash on both present and future framework ventures (Professional IT advisors can aids with actualizing basic business arrangements that will comprise of the most recent and the best programming in the business). Without this direction, the organization may pick a product arrangement that must be re-sent due to various types of specialized issues and issues. These experts can likewise wipe out exorbitant manual methods.

Support of Existing Systems

Despite the fact that an organization may have the best programming items accessible, framework upkeep is still an issue of concern. Whether it is consistent upkeep because of booked transfers or issues that happen sporadically, an organization needs a decent quality IT help group to keep their current frameworks up and running. Since downtime for most organizations liken to misfortune in benefits, most organizations keep a group of IT experts on location or in remote areas to settle frameworks issues that happen. Which implies, the group must be knowledgeable in settling both programming and fittings issues.

Introducing Intelligent Hardware and Software

Introducing intelligent equipment and programming is additionally one of the real explanations behind utilizing a quality IT benefit supplier. With the right mastery, the organization can buy the best programming items and fittings for regions that need it. Taking into account the organization’s base, the IT pro can likewise introduce the proper framework assets for every representative in the organization. Case in point, while a few representatives may have extra obligations and need all the more compelling machines, others might just need the nuts and bolts to finish their occupation obligations. Whatever the circumstances, the part of a decent IT group is to investigate the need before using the organization’s trusts.

Driving Traffic – PPC vs SEO

Driving Traffic – PPC vs SEO

The first step you take after making a new website is to drive traffic to the site. As a matter of fact there’s no point having a pleasant new site if no one can find it.

While there are numerous approaches to drive traffic, here we are only looking at two of the most prominent strategies using search engines, in particular, Google. These are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords. and have created the following infographic which analyses the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Saving Images – Correct Use of JPEG, GIF, & PNG

Saving Images – Correct Use of JPEG, GIF, & PNG

When it comes to images, it can be hard to know precisely which format is the best to utilize. On the off chance that you save your picture in the wrong format, you could wind up defacing a wonderful photograph, losing all the crispiness of your logo, or turning a straightforward foundation dark.

On your computer, its not difficult to simply keep all your records as they are and update your storage space on the off chance that you require it, yet when you’re managing picture documents on the web, there are a great deal more variables to confuse the issue.

Large files don’t simply take up a great deal of space, they likewise take up bandwidth and increase download times. Furthermore if the main pictures on your site aren’t stacking quick enough for your guests, that is going to effect your web business.

Also with regards to web-hosting, getting more space to store your documents isn’t as simple as redesigning your hard drive at home. Monthly upgrades to hosting and bandwidth can cost yu a lot of money over time .

Anyway you can’t simply compress all file sizes without worrying about quality. It is safe to say that it is a color photograph, or B&W with a considerable measure of subtle element you have to keep? Perhaps its a logo you would prefer not to get pixelated?

In the event that you’d like to know precisely which is the ideal format to use for which pictures, and spare a ton of space and bandwidth simultaneously while keeping up a quality picture, look at the convenient reference [infographic] underneath for the certainties.


Creating Quality Content

Creating Quality Content

Content is King

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is unique, purposeful and effectively streamlined data that individuals and search engines are determined to follow, view, and offer. Quality content helps you rank better on SERPS and entertains your clients.

Relevance and Context

  • Google is moving towards breaking down topics and context, not simply keywords.
  • The search engine comprehends the meaning of words and how they are identified with one another.
  • As per Searchmetrics, Google’s algorithm perceives superb, relevant content and prizes it with higher rankings.

TIP – Focus on creating content for clients, not the web crawlers.

Content Length

  • Top positioning sites have over 900 words of text every page.
  • Perfect blog entry length from SEO viewpoint is between 2,000 – 2,450 words.
  • In general, sites with more words in the copy reach top ranking positions.
  • From a readers point of view the perfect length of a blog is 1,600 words.

TIP – Focus on creating longer content.

Images and Video

  • An image MUST be 32 x 32 px in size to be classed as an image.
  • Blog entries with images and videos are more captivating for website users.
  • Pages with more images rank higher (as per Searchmetrics).
  • Average number of images on top ranking pages is around 7 images.

TIP – Include an image or a video for every new section of your post.

Grammar and Spelling

  • Grammar and spelling errors create a bad impression with your visitors.
  • Bad grammar and spelling mistakes are duly noted by Google, Yahoo and Bing and you may be penalised for this.
  • Good content is a reflection of your professionalism.
  • Poor grammar or spelling turns off 42.5% of customers.

TIP – Always read your copy no less than 2 times before you upload it. Use a professional editor to proof read and edit your copy.


  • Readability is the level of ease with which a one can read and understand written text.
  • Flesch reading score can be used to check the level/quality of readability of your text.
  • Copy on higher ranking sites is remarkably easier to read.

TIP – Use shorter sentences, paragraphs and verb form (primarily active). Do not use unnecessary words, avoid repetition and minimise use of adjectives and adverbs.


  • As indicated by Nielson 79% of clients always scan web pages.
  • Well laid out content is easier to comprehend and browse through.
  • Google can now figure out the page format and you may get penalised for bad layout.
  • Poorly formatted posts are less likely to be read by visitors.

TIP – Use H1/H2 tags, bullet points and number lists to format your copy. Keep sentences and sections short. Use bold and italics to highlight important sentences.


  • By using case studies Neil Patel managed to increase sales by 185%
  • It is only the expertise that make some top ranking pages and websites authoritative and trustworthy on their specialties.
  • The critical factor for any content to be considered high quality is the expertise of the writer.
  • Posts from those experts who explain a topic thoroughly and in-depth are most likely to be read (more).

TIP – Aim to write about well explained and well researched topics. Supply correct references and link to examples that concur with your points.

Social Media Sharing

  • Quality content has a tendency to be shared more.
  • Good sites always have social media sharing buttons clearly displayed on their pages.
  • Shares on social media reflect positively on your ranking. More the shares, higher the rank.
  • Heavily tweeted content tends to reduce indexation time by half.

TIP – Place your social media share buttons at a noticeable and strategic place on the page.

Internal and External Links

  • Pages that rank better for the most part have a better linking structure.
  • The anchor text that you use for linking must be relevant to the content.
  • Visitors always like good quality and useful external links.

TIP – Aim to build a good internal link structure. Do not create links unnecessarily, specially to unrelated content as you may be penalised by search engines.

Quality of Comments

  • Content with a higher number of comments is seen as being of high quality.
  • Spam and irrelevant comments create a negative image on your visitors.
  • Relevant comments of good quality tend to indulge your visitors more.

TIP – Remove spam and irrelevant comments.